Beautiful Women – Are Beautiful face, Sexiness, Attitude or the Attire enough to make a girl beautiful?

Beautiful Women – Are Beautiful face, Sexiness, Attitude or the Attire enough to make a girl beautiful?

There are multiple questions, arguments and facts that constitutes a beautiful women. Let’s give a try to judge and debate what are the factors that make most beautiful women.
Beautiful Women

What are the ingredients constituting a beautiful woman?

  • Is it the Face?
  • Is it her hair style?
  • Is it her fairness?
  • Is it just a perception of the person watching her?
  • Is it the clothes that she wears?
  • Is it the way clothes fit her body?
  • Does sexy quotient play a role in a women’s beauty?

We’ll dive into all the facts, attributes and factors that lead to say that, a woman looks beautiful.

Is beauty of a woman linked to anxiety and fat?

It’s found to have a connection between women’s beauty and the levels of anxiety hormones and the rate of fat in the face.
The study comprised of 52 female students who, alike men, had a standard passport photograph. Eighteen heterosexual male students took a survey of the photos and rated them on a scale from – 5 (extremely ugly) to +5 (exceptionally appealing).

“This is exceptionally amazing, yet rather we discovered a relationship between feminine beauty and the levels of anxiety hormones and the rate of fat in the face,” says Rantala, the scientist behind the research.
 Stressed women had the least score.  

The scientists found that the higher the levels of anxiety hormones, lower the rating of she being a beautiful woman.
Also, according to the research, beautiful face ought to be neither slim nor fat.
A curve with an ideal point, inside what can be called normal weight constitutes for a woman being ranked beautiful. Excessive amount of fat or too minimal fat in the facial tissue was seen as ugly by the men in the study.

Is sexiness of gorgeous women constituent of Beautiful Women?

sexy girl
A girl or a group of girls having fun and giggling would surely catch a guy’s attention no matter where he is, if he’s married or not.

What is the quotient, which grabs instant attention? There’s something about girls aura, so attractive and just so sexy!

It’s good to know that, if a girl catches guy‘s attention, he’ll be stuck for some time until unless he’s in a hurry or with a restriction not to turn his head with wifey or a girlfriend. Is there a specific factor constituting to Guy’s Neck Won’t turn Sticky Head?

Yeah… Sexy aka Sexual quotient. This my friend is the real culprit to drive the man crazy!

  • Though skimpy dressed women are correlated to sexy, there are many other factors that constitutes a sexiness quotient of a girl or a woman.
  • Curvy women with curves in all the right places, when compared to a healthy or a petite women are deemed to have a sexiness quotient.
  • Girls with loose hair and a girl with attitude to have fun with her hair are said to have a higher sexy quotient.
  • What else other than a pair of Stilettoes, gets the guy’s instant attention? This makes the girl’s legs look longer and sexier and makes him drooling from your toe to top instantaneously.
  • Attire to impress for a girl, is a highest level of sexiness a man can ever, ever experience. A pinch of your cleavage, a set of exposing thighs, would get a man, wandering at you like there is no tomorrow.
  • Even the most respectable guys would have a hard time taking their eyes off a girl who’s showing off a bit of skin *accidentally*. A guy’s eye awaits a bit of retreat always, to just look around lazily when a girl stretch her arms in the air and reveal just a bit of midriff.

Should we make a point about the Beautiful women? So be it!
  • Beautiful women have an attractive face, though a perception of the person wandering, symmetric or less asymmetric face makes to the top in the list.
  • Regional Traditions and its influences play a huge role to name a woman beautiful. A girl with a traditional Chinese gown may not look beautiful to an Australian guy. So a regional aspects play an important role to make or break a woman’s beauty factor.
  • Curvy women often tend to be called Beautiful women.
  • A Gorgeous Dress less fit than a simple dress more fit tends to make a beautiful women. Though this constitutes sexual quotient, this is a key factor in a girl or a woman to look beautiful. Would a guy not wonder when asked, does this woman look beautiful with a baggy top and ill fit jeans?
  • Attire to drive a man’s imagination flow sky high, makes up to an instant decision of a girl looking beautiful. A famous saying goes this way “What is the use of any dress that does not impress to be removed”.
  • Woman with long, loose hair, and those with an attitude to play with their hair tend to be ranked beautiful women.
  • Last but Not at all the least, girls with a sneak peek-a-boo of a cleavage or a small midriff or with a high heels exposing sexy thighs, no matter who evaluates them, are sure to make an impression at the sight instantly. Hence would be  No Doubt  ranked as  Beautiful Women. 
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Authored by: charmyashok