In Respect for your Relationship

In Respect for your Relationship

<strong>re-spect (reh-spekt) v.  1.  To esteem; regard with deference.  *

One of the key aspects of having a good relationship is mutual respect.  Both members of a couple need to show and feel respect for one another– their feelings, ideas, health and position.   This is true whether you are moving towards marriage, already married, one a blind date with your sister’s friend, trying to pick up someone for the night, or “just friends”.

You are not lowering  or demeaning yourself in any way to show consideration for the person you are with.  Quite the opposite!  One of the quickest ways to end a relationship is show disrespect for the other person.   Even if your date is acting like an idiot, you shouldn’t point it out in a mean way.   If you really can’t stand it, just resolve to end the relationship quietly and move on.  Even if that person is ambivalent to your good manners, others will likely notice (and remember).   And, more importantly, you will remember.  Of course, the other side of this coin, is to earn and deserve respect from your partner.  If you are the one acting like a fool, stop it.

We all hear about “love at first sight” and all that.   Sometime that happens.   But I think it is far more important to enjoy love at second, third, and every sight.   Even if you never see the person again, wouldn’t you like to know that you will forever be a cherished memory?   There is no magic or perfect way to build or maintain a relationship, but showing and deserving RESPECT will go a long way.   And it’s easy.



(*  from The Grosset Webster Dictionary, 1974, revised editon)

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