Look Your Best, part one

Look Your Best, part one

One of the biggest turn-offs people encounter is when the person they meet or go out with dresses poorly.

For starters, in is always unaccepable to wear sloppy, dirty, torn, or mis-fitting clothing.   But many of us are [reasonably] confused about what to wear.   The fashion industry assumes that all of are shaped like a Barbie doll or a sports athlete and are exactly 22 years old.   It is wonderful if you are.   Let’s face the facts, though– most of us don’t fit that mold exactly.   But there is no excuse not to look your best.   You can also use what you wear to accent your positive features while hiding or de-emphasizing the negative ones.   Beware that you do not dress in attire that was designed for someone else, such as for a person 30 years younger than you, or 50 kg lighter.   That will do nothing to help you look good and will only make your date want to laugh or throw up.  (Imagine a guy weighing 150 kg showing up in spandex shorts– ugh!)

So, what to do?   Of course you can always ask your friends or family.   I would certainly recommend that, however that does not mean to say that you have to follow their advice.   A trick I found is to Google things like “blouse 45 years old”  or “swim suit 110 kg”, where you fill in the particular which fits you.   The sites listed will, as always, include a bunch of things you don’t need, but you will find some sites which cater to people like you.   Check them out to see what people like you are wearing (you need not and should not buy anything immediately– just check the sites out.)    You can also research social sites like Pinterest for ideas.   Once you get a handle on the type of attire which suits you, start shopping around online and/or at stores to find things in your price range.   Or, even better perhaps, look through your wardrobe; sometimes you can find things that just need a little fixing up to work out.

You also want to be sure and wear what is appropriate for the activity you engaging in.  You would look silly in a bathing suit at the theatre or an evening gown at a soccer game.   If in doubt, you can again run to Google (or your favorite search engine).   Type in things like “dining attire” to find out how to dress for the occassion.   This assumes, of course, that you and your partner both know where you are going.  If you hide that information, I suspect your partner will not be anxious to repeat the experience (at least not with you).   Embarrassing yourself in public is bad enough, but doing it to someone you should care for is unforgivable.

As a note, it help, as well, to ensure that your entire ensemble matches.  Your shoes, jewelry, makeup, and so forth, should all match the outfit you are wearing.   I have seen people wearing scrufffed Nike running shoes with an expensive suit.   Dumb!   Also pay attention to whether your activity will require a lot of walking, sitting, standing, etc., and keep that in mind while choosing what to wear.   Don’t forget the weather!

So go out there and knock them dead.   Not too many ladies can match the doll in the picture (or men, the male equivalent), but you have it in your power, guys and girls, to look good and ensure your partner watches you.

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