How To Make Her Feel Like The Most Desired Woman In Bed: 5 Killer Steps to Sexentuate her!

There is a distinct lack of praise and appreciation in our intimate relationships. To achieve this every man should know, How To Make Her Feel Like The Most Desired Woman In Bed.

No matter her age or shape, every woman deserves to be told and shown how beautiful she is. Use these 11 ways to make her feel desirable all the time!

It is a harsh world that we live in. The media is by far the biggest and baddest critic of women and you will be shocked at the impossible standards that society has set when it comes to the ideal woman. So as a partner its your responsiblity to make her most desired.most desired women

Your partner deserves to know how much they affect you.

And they want to feel more desired and you find them attractive.

Here are three ways that you can make your partner feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Women are inundated with wave after wave of flawless beauty every minute of every day. From the cover of their “guilty pleasure” magazine, to billboards, music videos, and every show on television, women today are constantly reminded of their flaws.

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It comes as no surprise that many women suffer from insecurities and possess low self-confidence. You may see her as the most divine being ever created, but there is a high chance that she will vehemently disagree with you.


Step 1: Compliment her structure, beauty or smile, anything to keep her happy!

Women love being showered with compliments. Even if she is the most modest person to walk the earth, she will love the sweet things that you say about her. Be genuine and honest with your compliments and if you can, be specific as well.


You may try out some love quotes and Instead of saying, “You are beautiful”, say something like, “You are at your most beautiful when you do not even try, like right now.”



Step 2: With your eyes

Look at her like she’s all you could ever hope for.Look at her like your eyes are desert sand, and she is the ocean.Look at her in awe. Look at her in disbelief. Look at her with hunger in your eyes.Drink her up with your eyes and let her beauty seep into you.

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Step 3: Kiss her like there is nothing better than her Lips to you

Many couples in long-term relationships will tell you that although they are still very much in love, kissing each other has evolved from hot and heavy make out sessions to quick smooches. No matter how long you have been with your lady love, try to keep the flames of passion alive through kisses.


Instead of quick pecks, kiss her like you cannot get enough and make it last for more than 15 seconds. Make love to her with your tongue and mouth and you will be sure to get her weak in the knees and let her see that you find her desirable.


Step 4: With your hands, a grab/a caress would do well

Touch her like you’ve never touched a body before.Touch her like you won’t be seeing her again for months.Touch her as if her skin were made of silk.Touch her from an internal place of awe.Touch her gently. Grab her lustfully.Touch her like you’re healing everyone of her emotional demons with each caress to her erogenous zones.Touch her like you are the luckiest person in the world.

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Step 5: Initiate sex

Let’s face it. It’s a new age and chastity is a thing of the past. Do not be embarrassed to act like a ravenous wild animal when it comes to initiating sex with your partner. When you are spontaneous, you are directly telling your woman that you cannot resist her and that you have to devour her right that very minute. Even if it seems inconvenient, just make it happen. She will love the thrill of doing it somewhere and sometime unplanned. But make sure to last longer in bed! A quickie, is not that desirable for women to feel pleased, loved and orgasm!

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More often than never, you’ll feel like not having time for some of these or none of these. But juggling with your Damn routine, a side curriculum to keep her pleased is very very important!

Build a genuine persona with her to make her feel like The Most Desired Woman In Bed.

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